Givebot Fees

Givebot is not a non-profit, we are a proprietary limited company. We also receive no external funding so rely on taking a proportion of donations to keep the service going, and to allow us to promote charities and drive further donations.

We use our revenues for our ultimate goal: to generate more donations for charities by providing an awesome user experience for donors. We're proud of our work, and more than happy to disclose exactly what we get, and how we spend this money.

If you want to know more, or have any questions, just drop us an email:

Fee breakdown

Donations are delivered to charities through the Stripe online payments platform, which securely processes your card payments for us. Stripe also cuts the standard domestic Visa/Mastercard fee for our non-profits, to 1.4% + 30c from your total donation, so more money goes to the charity. Givebot deducts 6%, and the remainder stays with the charity.

If you are paying with American Express, Stripe will charge 1.75% + 30c, and if you're paying with an international card, Stripe will charge 2.9% + 30c.

Let's say you wanted to donate $20 to a fictional charity called "Save Cute Puppies". Stripe will take their 1.4% + 30c fee, which leaves $19.42. Givebot deducts 6%, leaving $18.22 going directly to Save Cute Puppies. We try to keep our fees low, to help our charity friends do what they do best.

What we do with our revenue

Our primary objective right now is to promote our charities, grow the Givebot platform, and start processing more donations to earn our charities more money. Our 6% will fund our promotion campaigns, will go towards our expenses such as hosting costs, and will eventually allow us to work more hours on Givebot to make it a better service that brings in more charitable donations.